To help stop business break-ins, your are required to adopt the following measures:


  • Display the street/shop number and business name at the front of the business to assist emergency services locate the property;
  • Post warning signs around the business to warn intruders about the security features you have in place;
  • Remove obstacles and rubbish from property boundaries, footpaths, driveways, car parks and buildings;
  • Install security lighting around the perimeter of the business, particularly over entry/exit points;
  • The doors, walls, floor and ceilings of the building should be of solid construction. Limit the number of entry/exit points to restrict unauthorised access;
  • Doors should be fitted with quality single cylinder dead lock sets to comply with the Australian Building Code, fire regulations;
  • Glass within doors and windows should be reinforced with either a shatter resistant film or laminated glass;
  • Record descriptions, models/serial numbers of property owned by your business;
  • If your business deals in cash then you should consider the installation of a safe to provide additional security. The safe should be manufactured and installed to the Australian and New Zealand Standards and should be anchored to restrict removal;
  • Limit the amount of money you hold in the cash drawer. Don’t count money in public view;
  • Have a monitored intruder alarm system installed to enhance the physical security of your business;
  • All ATMS should be placed away from entry points of your shop. They should be anchored to the ground and covered by way of CCTV.

Written by Dhafir Al Shammery

Dhafir is one of the highest qualified managers in security with a Master pf policing, intelligence & Counter Terrorism. His Higher education obtained in the security studies enables him to implement and execute the right security measures, policies, strategies and methodologies required. Dhafir has been working in the Security Industry since 1998 and been the security consultant for a number of companies within Australia and overseas. Dhafir participations in conferences, discussions and strategic studies in the security field nationally and internationally have added to his knowledge and have a significant impact on his performance and role to be one of the highest qualified managers in the security industry field.